feedback from IFAs and local authorities  

  • Informative, thought -  provoking, enjoyable.
  • Very easy to listen to!
  • I have really enjoyed the training. It has banished my fear of life story work.
  • Excellent training. Really useful information and tools. The whole idea of life story work is no longer scary!
  • Our entire children's services should receive this training!
  • Hugely stimulating  and interesting training. I can't wait to start the work
  • Brilliant, thought provoking training which makes me want to do this work. Thank you  for being an inspiring trainer



  • Really enjoyed the course and the trainer was very effective at helping us to understand  'the process' and keep the child at the centre.
  • Extremely valuable and useful training event - the team appear more confident to start this work.
  • Well pitched and 'hands on' training
  • Katie was fab - really knowledgeable but warm and down to earth, making training interesting and lively.




I loved the creativity that runs through the whole training using art and play. This is something that will really work for our team. I can see that there is a practical application for this type of work in many areas where we work. 
Everything in the training was great, even stuff that was a revisit of places I already have existing experience and knowledge. The training is so different online that I was able to take something different from this. As someone with APD I usually struggle to hear aspects of communication in the face to face world. Not so online, I could hear and process everything which was great!!! 

Loved the example on the last afternoon on the 2nd day of a Life Story, this was extremely helpful. The resources shared and reading lists are FANTASTIC, so helpful. I love that we have the power points too as these will be something we revisit as a team in staff meetings

Integrative Therapist working in schools



I particularly wanted to learn more about writing a therapeutic narrative and how to pitch the life story, which was covered.  Already I am adapting my practice in response to my learning and feel more confident.  It was helpful to have an example life story book and metaphorical story sent after the course to refer to. 

 Art Psychotherapist


I do like being able to attend in person, so missed that element, but Katie adapted the course to the best it could be.  On the plus side I may not have attended due to the distance from my location.  Also it was useful to be able to put comments/questions in the comments box as it sometimes is difficult to do this in face to face courses. 

Independent Life story practitioner



I liked Katie’s teaching style as it was very relaxed and she was down to earth.  It was fun and everyday I laughed during the course!  Also as we were a small group and Katie was able to check what areas we wanted covered in the course and did cover these.  The course was very clear and logical in format and easy to see the process.  I liked the combination of power point slides,  group discussions, break out room activities, use of videos and showing of real life examples of life story work activities.

Life story practitioner


Really enjoyed seeing it all put together and understanding how much to include in the story - the different wording used and how positive it can be, but also keeping the truth in there for the child. Really helpful, thank you. 

Child and Family Support Worker


The training has been very helpful, Katie, thank you for sharing your passions with us.

Practice Supervisor.