feedback from IFAs and local authorities 


  • Informative, thought -  provoking, enjoyable.
  • Very easy to listen to!
  • I have really enjoyed the training. It has banished my fear of life story work.
  • Excellent training. Really useful information and tools. The whole idea of life story work is no longer scary!
  • Our entire children's services should receive this training
  • Hugely stimulating  and interesting training. I can't wait to start the work
  • Brilliant, thought provoking training which makes me want to do this work. Thank you  for being an inspiring trainer




  • Really enjoyed the course and the trainer was very effective at helping us to understand  'the process' and keep the child at the centre
  • Extremely valuable and useful training event - the team appear more confident to start this work.
  • Well pitched and 'hands on' training
  • Katie was fab - really knowledgeable but warm and down to earth, making training interesting and lively.




I loved the creativity that runs through the whole training using art and play. This is something that will really work for our team. I can see that there is a practical application for this type of work in many areas where we work. 
Everything in the training was great, even stuff that was a revisit of places I already have existing experience and knowledge. The training is so different online that I was able to take something different from this. As someone with APD I usually struggle to hear aspects of communication in the face to face world. Not so online, I could hear and process everything which was great!!! 

Loved the example on the last afternoon on the 2nd day of a Life Story, this was extremely helpful. The resources shared and reading lists are FANTASTIC, so helpful. I love that we have the power points too as these will be something we revisit as a team in staff meetings.