Outline for the 2-day Life Story Work course delivered online - for social care organisations  - suitable for foster carers, adopters, social workers, family support workers or therapists. 




The training will be delivered in 4 practice modules. The content of these modules can be found on the Life Story Work tab. This can delivered either be across 2 consecutive days with a morning (930-12.00) session and an afternoon session (1.00-3.30) or one day one week and one day the next. Delegates must be available for and complete all sessions. This is to maximise engagement online but also to allow for opportunities in between the modules for experiential practice.  Practicing the direct work exercises and self-reflection is critical to developing as a life story practitioner – if you are expecting a young person to engage in the work, you really ought to know how it feels for yourself.


Further information about the programme can be found on the Life Story Work page on this site.




For organisations who can access ZOOM for training, this is our preferred delivery option and is the online platform that we have chosen to invest in. We will have capacity for up to 100 people for commissioned webinars but, for this training, groups of 15-20 are still preferable. In larger groups you lose the capacity for workers to bring and have help with thinking about current life story dilemmas which is critical at this stage of introductory training.



Each practice session will comprise a combination of teaching using a PowerPoint presentation, pre-recorded video demonstrations and small group work using the Breakout rooms facility. If as an organisation you are not able to use ZOOM and would prefer the training to be delivered using another platform it must have this facility for small group work. 




A 2-day programme will cost £1900 in 2024. If you would like face to face delivery, depending on location, there will be additional travel and accommodation costs for the trainer. 


Other options?


A one day Introduction to Life Story Work - a whistlestop guide to the model which doesn't allow for extended discussion around writing a life story book - the focus is on direct work. The cost is £950 per day and includes a digital resource pack.


Further brief ( 3 hour) online training modules are available and can be commissioned independently. They all support the life story work process and ASYE programme at a cost of £500 per session


Supervising LSW - workshops for managers 


·       Working with adolescents – overcoming the challenges by understanding the adolescent brain


·       Working with loss and the ‘missing’ in life story work


·       Engaging parents/carers in life story work


·       Creative ideas for assessment with vulnerable families #


·       Creative ideas for building protective behaviours #






# also available as the equivalent of a one or 2 day course.